Consulting for Product-Success

We invent digital or physical Product’s as Consulting service for our Clients

Three Questions...

... that we answer holistic for you:

How is it technically to solve?


We search, invent and research technologies in charge of our customers. Scouting, development, test-drive and go-live as a service.

How to make money with it?


We not only see the best margin. We develop disruptive, viral and win/win models by respecting all market members holistic.

How your Customer understands it?


You win on the Market because we put your product at the perfect place in your customers head. Just through this your customers will understand, love and buy it.


We invent new products, with that you win on your market against your competitors.

No matter if you are Startup, a medium sized company or an enterprise: just with the right product at your Customers Head you can beat your competitors. With us as Consultant you have more success, because we not only see your new product from the technically view. Often great technology miss the right application. We therefore start our work right from the perspective of your Customer!

As very first Agency in Europe we connect for this the areas of Technology, Business-Modell and marketing to a holistic consulting service.

In contrast to other agencies – where your get just nice presentations – we are hands on with your project! This means besides Consulting, we help by realizing your project from the idea to the final product.

Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, mobile apps and connected services – just the digitalization of our life – generated a big pressure to react now.

Creative new products – or die! In the last decade we can folow really good how many “old industries” are gone away from the markets. They often one doesn’t recognize the chance and simply die with old products.


Product Creation Consulting

We shape digital and physical products – starting from the need of your Customers.


Stand alone technologies are not complete products!

To be honest: technologies are not final products! A good sample these days is Google Glass. An exciting technology – but simply without great application. Because of this – there is no Customers need.

Exactly here you can use our energy! We know what a exciting application can be. What a Product in the head of your Customer can be and why your Customers need exactly your Product.

You give us Money and we invent something great for you. Sounds easy! Behind his are the most brilliant heads and a big network of experts that we drive and use for you.

The good news: we get new value also from your existing technologies! Trough “reframing” and NLP Programing we create a new habit and understanding in your Customers head.



Technologies, Business- and Sales-Models as Marketing in a holistic view in our projects.

The first pen, that vibrates, when you make a mistake

First pen, that vibrates, when you make a mistak

Digital pens – or pen-products to digitalize handwriting are already long time on the market. But it’s not the real breakthrough with this existing products. One hand the current technologies are not good in usability. (They need special paper or external devices and apps) On the other hand – no one “describes” a product that users really want.

With the „Lernstift“ – “first pen that vibrates when one makes a mistake“ - we reach global press attention and customers demand. It’s a Product that is communicated in seconds and is understood by the Customers worldwide.

We often get the same feedback from the Customers: “This one I needed in my past! Good that my child’s now can use this”.

Flatrate your life. Rethinking B2C commerce…

In reality we all want in many cases not purchase things again and again. We just need “the service behind it! And this as easy as possible.

We are used to Flatrates at mobile communication and internet. But how brilliant would Flatrates for Food, Mobility, Holidays or Education be? In many areas or our life there are already services which one can use as Flatrate.

The good side: one haves his monthly household-spendings much better under control!

The Twitter for Things: Smalltalk with your Coffee-machine.

Social media connected things

Household machines, vending machines, public Bus stops or Artworks. Many things could tell us exciting or important messages and stories. But they cant! Often it would be also perfect to remotely control things (machines). And with this we are already in the field of Iot – “Internet of Things”.

For „“ we have connected Social Media, Affiliate-Marketing and Hardware to a whole ecosystem. If things of our daily life become their own social media profile - and the users can communicate and control them by natural language writing or voice - then we have described well. And we are a step closer to the future.

Tomorrow we ask our new Coffee machine „how do you work“? Or we request: “could you please make a coffee for me? Or simply “please switch off”.